They’re all big at this point

Johnathan Gray. (Will Gallagher/IT)

It is important to note that on radio, on television, and in all of my writing, I speak from the player’s perspective. I do not usually look at it from an administrative perspective. I do not look at it from the perspective of the fan. Even though it might be close from a team perspective, I rarely look at it from the coach’s perspective. That was a big win against Iowa State!

Swoopes Saves the Day

Tyrone Swoopes. (Justin Wells/IT)

Nick Rose kicked a 21-yard FG with three seconds left to lift Texas past double-digit underdog Iowa State, 48-45, on Saturday. It took a season-best 48 points to offset an ordinarily dependable Texas defense that became so suddenly porous it would make Manny Diaz blush.

Five Quick Thoughts: Texas 48 ISU 45

Peter Jinkens vs Iowa State. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We saw the ever-growing confidence of a QB, the growing pains of a defense, and a team coming together tonight. Here are my Five Quick Thoughts following UT’s 48-45 win over Iowa State on Saturday night at DKR.

IT Pressbox: Week 8 (Iowa State)

Jaxon Shipley and Johnathan Gray. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas comes home to face Iowa State on Saturday. The staff at Inside Texas does it’s best prognostication with predictions on Swoopes, 100-yard performers, and the upset of the week.

Blackwell Commentary: Managing Expectations

Charlie Strong. Will Gallagher/IT

What I am about to say to you here is probably a clear indication of me being a poor father to my son, Miles, who is an 11 year-old football fan. But I don’t care. Every boy needs a dad, who can now and then, be a bad influence. I will happily and unapologetically play that role.

C-BOG Commentary: Get It Fixed, Coach

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We have more money, power, and influence than just about anybody in college athletics. We can’t find a kicker? Seriously? The Kardashians can’t find their own ass? Lindsey Lohan can’t find somebody to screw? Gloria Allred can’t find a TV camera? Justin Bieber can’t find a bag to administer a feminine hygiene fluid? Obama can’t find a foreign policy excuse?