Putting Windex on the Crystal Balls

Brandon Jones. (Justin Wells/IT)

It’s a cool feature, but not necessarily accurate. It’s always fun to see people scramble to adjust as new info comes to light, man. Obviously recruiting changes rapidly, but you may notice some sites are overly-optimistic in favor of the school they cover. In fact, when I’m done with this, I’d likely be accused of the same. I’ll at least give some reasons of why I’ve written what I wrote.

Weekend Update – 7/26/15

Jordan Eliott. (Will Gallagher/IT)

A quiet late July weekend turned into a nice recruiting spurt for the Texas Longhorns. Strong and company added New Orleans native Peyton Aucoin on Friday night. UT also hosted five more prospects, including one getting used to DKR. All in the Weekend Update.

Inside Scoop – 7/24/15

Kai Locksley. (courtesy of Elite 11)

In this week’s Scoop, we break it into two parts. In Part I, we take a closer look at the next potential offers from the UT staff. Also an interesting tidbit on another freshman from this 2015 class putting in extra work. Part II talks Peyton Aucoin and Devwah Whaley. It might be hot outside but it’s cool inside the Scoop.

Culpepper Commentary: Big 12 in 2015

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Let’s face the facts – without a clear cut conference champion the Big 12 was left out in the cold for the first College Football Playoff in 2014. Somebody screwed up big time. TCU, led by Coach Gary Patterson went into the heart of SEC Country, the Peach Bowl in Atlanta and destroyed the Ole Miss Rebels, who had upset Alabama earlier in the year. Baylor, once again, was upset in a bowl game by Michigan State in the heart of Big 12 country, AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Both teams could have been in College Football’s first playoff – but without a clear-cut champion the committee put Big 10 champion Ohio State ahead of both Baylor and TCU.

Inside the Gameplan: Texas Safeties

Jason Hall. (Justin Wells/IT)

The ideal composition for a defensive depth chart is to have athleticism outside and experience in the middle. Everyone wants to have experienced and athletic players all over the field, but while a defense can get by with young athletes in space, they can’t really get by with slow players.

Similarly on the inside, everyone wants explosive tackles, linebackers, and safeties, but it’s essential that players inside can diagnose plays and get in position quickly. Speed is useful but only if paired with that quality.

Duke Defends DBU (1-on-1 from Media Day)

Duke Thomas. (Will Gallagher/IT)

One storyline that presented itself this off-season was the cute little debate of whether or not LSU or Florida is the real DBU. Recency bias must exist so lazy writers can renew debates long since settled. If the secondary of the national championship didn’t solidify UT’s standing as DBU, then the resurgent and youthful defensive backfields of 2008 and 2009 did.